American Family System: Some Basic Things

What is the traditional American family system? What is a working father; stay at home mom, and two kids? If we describe the family, few would fit the description. It is a ridiculous idea, indeed. We only realize the importance of the American family when the holidays come. Should we need to alter the traditional family system according to new realities? We should know who sits at our dinner table and who makes dinner? What percent of American families accommodate in the general category. And what is the status of working dad and stay at home, mom?

According to 2011 reports, married couples with children younger than 15 years are only 23%, and they have a stay at home mother. Now more kids are raised by single moms than married couples. There are rare cases where the man earns money for family and mothers stay at home.

Non-Traditional Families

Less than a quarter of all households are married couples. Thirty percent are single-person households, and 23 % household is children with a single mom. 70% are in families with a single father, and every adult in the family is a job holder. Stay at home father is a minority. It is less than one million in the whole country. Stay at home father is a quarter where mom goes out for a job.

Myths About Traditional Family

A myth states that male breadwinner families were traditional ones. Most of the conventional families had a labor force within the family. There either mother works or children. In some cases, both are co providers. In the 1920s, the majority of children grew in a family where the mother was not working on the farm. In this era, children started going to school instead of being a workforce. This trend receded in Depression and World War 2. In the 1950s, it again came back. It was due to discrimination against the female workforce and an excellent rise in wages for young men. Home prices decreased, and wages got an increase. Govt. created new jobs. There were further pieces of training for employment and education opportunities. Now it is thought the old family system cannot come back.

Effect Of The Non-Traditional Family System

How are the American family functions essential? How is it if we see it from outside? Statics show mother education has an overwhelming effect on the child and his ambitions. Marital status is not essential in this matter. On average, those kids who have SAHMs during the first year of life have an advantage over those with working moms. The reverse is true for those who have working mom during years three and four, and so on. Momus depression issue is a big problem. It is the fact that more you nurse more is breast milk. Moms fell much lesser depression when things go according to their wishes.

Bottom Line

How long will it last? People are more diverse than 20 years ago. Social programs are designed in such a manner that an American has some at home to care for. It is difficult to adjust to the complex realities of family life.